Where to buy Fake Jordan 11's? – Best 23 Fix for Jordan 11

Where to buy Fake Jordan 11's?

Looking for a high quality pair of Fake Jordan 11's can be overwhelming with the variety of Chinese websites. I'm here to help you shop for the best quality pair of Fake/Replica Jordan 11's.  My name is Ruppert Repp and I own 8 pairs of replica/fake Jordan 11's, so you are reading this from an expert when it comes to purchasing fake jordan 11's. I'm going to give you knowledge that no other website or forum discusses.  So please SHARE this webpage to show me that this information was useful to you. 
This article is dedicated to answering the questions: "Where can I get fake Jordan 11's? and "What is a legit website to buy fake jordan 11's from?". Although Best23fix.com does not sell shoes, we do sell the "23 fix" that you can use to fix the Fake/Replica Jordan 11's that you will buy.  In this article we will tell you facts about where you can get fake replica Jordan 11's for cheap, how to pay for the fake jordan 11's, and who not to buy from.  
*We sell real Carbon Fiber fixes in this website, Best23fix.com
We also sell "23 fixes" to FIX your Fake jordan 11's and make them look authentic:
This is the same shoe, before and after a "Cool Grey 23 fix" from Best23fix.com
Look at how easy it is to apply the "23 fixes":
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1)Pick a website to buy Fake Jordan 11s from:

Myth: All websites from China that sell Replica/Fake Jordan 11's get their shoes from the same factory. So it doesn't matter which website you choose from, all of the shoes will be the same. 

Answer: Wrong. Every website is different. That is why people on YouTube review fake shoes from websites in China. Your job is to get on YouTube and look up "Fake Jordan 11" or "Replica Jordan 11" and watch the reviews of people that have reviewed the products. That is what I did to buy my Replica/Fake Jordan 11's. 

List of Replica websites for Jordans:
2) Select quality of Fake Jordan 11:

 There are various different qualities for the replica's that you will buy from China.

  • AAA Quality Jordan 11: Approximately $50

Okay quality. The laces will probably be thin. The tag on the third spacing will probably be incorrect. The 23 in the back will of course be squished so you will need our  "23 fix for Jordan 11" from Best23fix.com.

  • "Perfect" Quality Jordan 11:  Approximately $100

These shoes are not "perfect". That's just what the people from China call them to describe their quality. They need to have the "23" in the back fixed with our "23 fix for Jordan 11" which ONLY costs $2.25 each. The carbon fiber also needs to be fixed. Other than that, the patent leather is exceptional quality and you can even play basketball  in these if you play relaxed. All of the Fake/Replica Jordan 11's that I have are "Perfect" quality. All I had to do was fix their "23" with my "23 fix" and they look authentic now.

  • "Authentic" or "Unauthorized" Jordan 11's: Approximately $200-$300

If you go to a Chinese website and they say that a Jordan 11 is "authentic", it isn't. They just simply telling you that the shoe is fake, but it has virtually no flaws. You don't need to do a "23 fix" on these. But in my opinion, if you're going to buy replica Jordan 11's you might as well get the "perfect" quality and fix the 23 in the back for only $2.25 each. Instead of spending an extra $100 dollars for a shoe that comes with the 23 already fixed. It's your money, you do the math. 

3) Payment method for Chinese Websites:

Answer: I do NOT sell shoes, I sell fixes for Jordan 11's. But if you are going to buy shoes from a Chinese website that you have done research on YouTube for, I recommend using Western Union. Look up on the internet your closest "Western Union" location. I usually go to the one inside Fry's supermarket. If you have any questions about the Replica Jordan 11's on the Chinese websites tell them that Ruppert Repp from Best23fix.com sent you and you want a discount or free shipping. I can't speak for the Chinese websites because I don't work for them, but if you mention me it is likely you can get a hook up or discount. They know who I am. I am the only person in the United States who can fix the flawed 23's in the back for their Jordan 11's to make them look authentic. 

4)Visit the Instagram account of @Fake_Education . He will show you which are good replicas to buy. 

5) My Instagram is @23fix . I sell the "23 fixes" to fix your replica Jordan 11's and make them look authentic, and this is my website, Best23fix.com. I hope that you shop with me and you appreciate this knowledge that I shared with you! -Ruppert Repp

Please "SHARE" this review if you found it useful! That's how you let me know that you appreciate the time that I took to write this for you. 

Thank you. -Ruppert Repp


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