Frequent Questions - Where to buy Fake/Replica Jordan 11's? – Best 23 Fix for Jordan 11

Frequent Questions

(Frequently Asked Questions) 

1)Shipping: How long does it take to get to me?

Answer: To maintain the lowest prices, we ship standard. No exceptions. Your order will arrive approximately 20 days after you place your order online. You will know that your order was shipped once you log into your Paypal account and the status of your order is changed to “Shipped.” We ship every 17 days. As long as you provided the accurate shipping information on your Paypal account, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. 

We post a picture of every shipment on our Instagram page weekly: @23fix

2)Is it safe to buy from you Ruppert Repp? 

Answer: Yes, absolutely. Do the research yourself. Google the name "Ruppert Repp 23 fix". There are over 80,000 people WORLDWIDE who have purchased my product. Look me up on YouTube too, plenty of customers have reviewed my fixes in different languages on video. Look me up on Instagram, I am @23fix

3)Are you still selling?

Answer: Yes. As long as this website is running, I will be selling. But supplies are limited. So hurry and buy while you can! 

4)What payment methods do you accept? 

Answer: Paypal, Credit Card, and Debit Card. 

5)Can I just buy 2 fixes instead of 4?

Answer: No, I sell a minimum of 4 fixes because you need to leave room for error in case you make a mistake applying it, but it's easy if you follow my "how to" video. Each fix is ONLY $2.25 and it will completely revolutionize the appearance of your shoe. It's the best investment that you can make on your outfit. 

6)Where can I get my Replica/Fake Jordan 11's? 

Answer: There are various sites on the internet, these are three that I would recommend:

*Disclaimer: Yes, I do know people who have bought shoes from the websites above and they looked good. But is up to you as the consumer to talk to those website about their products, not me. I only sell fixes for Jordan 11's. 

7)How do I pay for the Replica/Fake shoes? 

Answer: I do NOT sell shoes, I sell fixes for Jordan 11's. But if you are going to buy shoes from the website that I listed above, I recommend using Western Union. Look up on the internet your closest "Western Union" location. I usually go to the one inside Fry's supermarket. 

8)Does the "23 fix" stay on? Is it durable? 

Answer: Yes, go to my "home page" and scroll down to the bottom. Here is the link: 

9)When does the Carbon Fiber fix come out?

Answer: That is yet to be determined. I have already replicated a carbon fiber fix that looks identical to the authentic carbon fiber on Nike shoes. Now I am in the process of mass producing the carbon fiber. When it is ready to be sold to the public for an affordable price, I will announce it on my social media accounts. Therefore, be sure to follow and subscribe to all of them. 

*Instagram:  @23fix

*Facebook: "Best 23 fix for Jordan 11" 

*YouTube channel: "Ruppert Repp"

If you do NOT follow me or subscribe to me on my social media accounts, you will NOT find out when I release it. A limited amount will be made. Please do NOT email me to ask me, I will post it on social media as soon as I find out. 

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