Secrets: How to Customize Jordan 11's – Best 23 Fix for Jordan 11

Secrets: How to Customize Jordan 11's

Ruppert Repp

Beyond the typical Angelus paint, what else can do to customize your Jordan 11's? Today we will teach you three things:

1)"how to make unique Jordan 11 customizations", 2) "Tips on how to make a succesful pair of Jordan 11 customs" and 3) Give you "ideas for Jordan 11 customs." Enjoy

Below is a photo with the labels of every customizable part of your Jordan 11’s. We will go over each part individually:

(1)Sole, (2)Midsole, (3)Patent leather, (4)Upper, (5)Jumpman, (6)Laces, (7)Third space tag, and (8)Heel tab


*Artist: @Akkustomz_accessories

1) Sole:

We recommend dying the color of the sole(1) of the Jordan 11's. Now more than ever people have been paying attention to the soles of shoes. The most evident case is the obsession with "icey soles." People constantly look at the translucent soles of your Jordan 11, so you better have a different color variation than the typical red (breds), blue(space jams) or yellow(aged). For this, we recommend my friends over at FBCC. Click "here" to visit their page. They have the best and strongest sole dye.



*Artist: Unknown. If you know who deserves credit for this custom, please list their name in the comments below

Extra:  Glow in the dark spray paint can make your soles glow. Rust-Oleum has excellent reviews online, a 10oz spray can costs $9.98. Note: The paint on the sole(1) will eventually wear off after wear and tear. But it's a good showcasing option.


This is definitely the easiest part to customize after changing the laces. All that you have to do is simply get a brush and paint it, even an amateur who is doing dirty bred jordan 11's can paint the midsole(2) black. For more experienced customization artists, the tip below might be more of a challenge.

Tip: A recent popular feature of the Nike and Jordan brand has been speckles on the midsole(2). I noticed that the speckles look particularly well with vibrant, candy-like colors, or themes that have to do with cookies or sweets, such as "Oreos."

*Jordan 11 Oreo by Ramses



3) Patent Leather:

Unquestionably the most difficult part to customize for Jordan 11's. Many artists shy away from even attempting to customize the patent leather(3) because they fear the paint will crack when the shoe creases. Our friends over at have a paint that can withstand creasing:

This video shows you how to professionally paint the patent leather of Jordan 11's and all of the products that you'll need.

Tip: In 2007, Kobe Bryant named himself the "Black Mamba." Thereafter, all of his signatures shoes have acquired serpent scales/snake skin. The reptile scales has transcended his signature line, and on some instances the most talented artists have implemented them in their customs. The scales look particularly well in the patent leather(3) of Jordan 11's. But I must warn you, this may be a level 10 difficulty wise.  


*Jordan 11 "Dirty Snakes" by Snaphigh

*Jordan 11 low "galaxy" by @Calikiddrew


Uniform colorways are in style more than ever. This has never been more evident than by the "Red October" colorway in which shoes are all red. Balenciagas have also adopted this concept and many of their shoes in the recent years only come in uniform colors.

Tip:  When customizing Jordan 11's, you may notice that it looks very nice when the patent leather(3), upper(4), and laces(6) are all the same color. The best example would be in the Carmelo Anthony Jordan 11 PE below:



5) Jumpman:

Great tip: Have the following three parts color match: the jumpman(5), the sole(1), and the 23 in the heel tab(8). The photo below labels these three parts:


The prime example of these three parts color matching is none other than the Jordan 11 dirty bred (photo above), where all three of these areas are red and the rest of the shoe is velvet black. 

You can purchase your red 23 for the dirty bred customization here.

Essentially what you are doing with this three-part-color-matching method is accentuating the details and leaving the rest of the shoe in a uniform color. This technique reminds me of what Allen Iverson used to do with his Nuggets uniform.  

6) Laces:

The easiest custom is swapping laces. As mentioned previously, laces tend to look very nice when they match the upper mesh color. Head on over to KeepMeFresh to get a pair of rope laces for $7.99 a set. They also have glow in the dark laces for only $5.00. 

Tip: For an extravagant look, use yeezy laces.

7) Third Space Tag:

Since most sneaker artists/customizers are men, the sewing machine is a foreign territory.

Solution: Convince your sister, mother, or wife to give you a hand in creating your own unique third space tag. Custom red tag on Supreme custom Jordan 11's: 

8)* MOST IMPORTANT: Heel tab 23 customization:

Many artists prefer to customize their replica Jordan 11’s, which is fine by us. But if you use replicas, please make sure that you fix the pancake 23 with a high quality 23 fix from Each "23 fix" is ONLY $2.25 and they will make your customs look authentic. This is how it works, watch:

The following artists forgot to use a “23 fix” from and look at how ugly their customs looked without it:

This artists should have used the "Gold 23 fix for Gamma Blue" to fix his pancake 23's and turn them into authentic 23's. This 15 second clips shows what he should've done:

Buy Gold Gamma Blue 23 fix here. 

For a unique look, you should also customize the 23 in the back of your jordan’s with logos. has variety of 23’s that only cost $2.25 each. For example, the "glow in the dark" 23 fixes for Jordan 11:


Here is a look at the glow in the dark 23 fixes:

 Or the 3M reflective “23 fix” from

Here's a look at the 3M reflective 23 fix for Jordan 11:

“45 fix” from Turn your average Jordan 11’s into $1,000 dollar Jordan 45 samples.

Put your custom team's logo in the heel tab. Visit for one of a kind, unique heel tab customizations. 

Please "SHARE" this review if you found it useful! That's how you let me know that you appreciate the time that I took to write this for you. Leave a comment below!

Thank you. -Ruppert Repp

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